Sand Branch Community Garden

centerSand Branch, located 14 miles southeast of Dallas, Texas in Dallas County, was once thought of as a lost community. This all changed on May 1, 2015 when two families…the Cooper and Roy families….donated land to Project Dreamhaus for our first Sand Branch Community Garden. These two families are deeply rooted in this community and graciously donated land to be used to feed their neighbors. This land, along with support from grants from the Concord Church in Dallas and the Louis B. and Mary Ratliff Fund of The Dallas Foundation, is helping to change this lost community into a community of opportunity.

The Sand Branch Community is an unincorporated freedman’s town. This community still does not have city services such as trash removal, sewer, or water. Some residents of this community do not have electricity. Some have wells, but many of the wells are contaminated, leaving the residents to rely on water sources from outside the community. The nearest quality grocery store is 7 miles away. In its commitment to bettering the lives of others, Project Dreamhaus will be able to provide quality, wholesome food to the residents of Sand Branch.